[Maker Relay] The State of DAI | 07/13 – 07/19

By DoingCoin – Crypto Community Check out this weekly update for everything you need to know about Dai in the markets, including the state of the peg, where Dai lives in the markets, and recent liquidations. Maker Relay Ep 54: https://forum.makerdao.com/t/maker-relay-ep-54/9437 Social Accounts: Forum: https://forum.makerdao.com/ Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/MakerDAO/ Kakao: https://open.kakao.com/o/giWg6J2 RocketChat: https://chat.makerdao.com/home Twitter: https://twitter.com/MakerDAO Telegram: https://t.me/makerdaoofficial […]

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